A sandy beach with a real seaside atmosphere is opening at BudaPart


The SHO BEACH BudaPart, Budapest's only natural urban beach, opens on 3rd July in the capital's new neighbourhood, BudaPart. The premium beach, located in Lágymányosi Bay, has high water quality, and besides swimming, it will also offer sporting facilities, culinary experiences, and a great variety of activities throughout the whole summer. There will also be plenty of activities outside the beach, in the BudaPart neighbourhood: Dürer Kert, the iconic event venue awaits everyone with concerts, an open-air cinema and the streaming of the UEFA European Cup. You can follow the soccer games at various places at BudaPart, and there will be another open-air cinema at Kopaszi-gát, starting in July.

Hungary's newest beach is located just a few minutes from the centre of Budapest, so it offers beach and recreational facilities at a unique location even on a European scale. Property Market Ltd., decided already in the planning phase to develop the shore of Lágymányosi Bay as part of the development and to create a sandy beach in the capital.  Luckily, they could also find the right partner and operator, ensuring the construction of SHO BEACH BudaPart, which, in addition to the beach facilities, will also further enrich the quality cultural and culinary service quality of the neighbourhood.


"Given the location, the services already available and the unique, natural vibes of the neighbourhood, we couldn't have asked for a better place. We are delighted that we can add another exciting leisure option to BudaPart and create this truly 21st century, modern beach in this complex mini-city,” said Gábor Koltai, operator of SHO BEACH BudaPart.


The sandy waterfront offers everything from morning coffee to mid-day meals and evening cocktails for a pleasant time outdoors. The SHO CHILL & GRILL beach bar offers the usual beach food at a high standard, while the MÁK pop-up SHO BEACH brings the cuisine of Hungary's best restaurants to the forefront under the direction of chef János Mizsei, giving visitors a taste of fine dining.


Bathers can enjoy the comfort of the guest bathrooms next to the bistro, with sophisticated toilets and changing rooms. The catering units are in special modern floating houses, so that they will not get submerged even in case of a rising water-level. The new beach, with its seaside atmosphere, will host a wide range of activities during the summer season, including cultural and gastronomic events – such as wine and palinka tastings - and of course sport events.


BudaPart's first foundations were laid down four years ago. By now, hundreds of people have been living and working in the neighbourhood, and the range of services and leisure opportunities have been constantly expanding. At BudaPart's public park, Kopaszi Dam, most of the services are back to their full capacity after the retreat of the pandemic. There are also three venues to watch the currently running European Championship matches, and several quality shops, cafés and supermarkets have opened at the bottom of the buildings. Cultural opportunities are also constantly expanding. One of them is Dürer Kert, that has recently moved to its new location next to the Danube, and since mid-June it welcomes all who wish to enjoy music, barbecue, or cinema in its Dürer-style garden.


"For those who did not believe in it so far, I think it's becoming more and more obvious what a unique and colourful neighbourhood we are creating. It is not only beneficial for the tenants and workers of BudaPart, but also the people living in the neighbourhood and indeed, in the capital. Whether it is about cultural events, culinary adventures, the beach, or musical experiences, BudaPart has everything you need to recharge and enjoy a complete freedom, almost in the heart of the bustling Budapest. When designing BudaPart, we paid attention to the expectations of the people who live and work here, as well as to the richness of details, because we strongly believe that the space, the world around us is not dull or monotonous, but complex, rich in details and our surroundings create a dialogue with the community. The new SHO BEACH BudaPart has been also created based on that view," said Dr Mihály Schrancz, Managing Director of Property Market.