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BudaPart is a dream come true. A real human centric living environment, where sustainable state-of-the-art technology, diligent engineer-design and nature-friendliness come together in an inspiring harmony.

Our main goal for this new quarter is to provide an exciting, colorful place for those who live and work here, and those visiting the area for recreational purposes. BudaPart is a unique development in Hungary due to its location and the high rate of green and water areas. 11 of the 54 hectares of the property is water whilst 25 hectares of green are bringing you as close to nature as you can be in a vibrant city.

Get to know the quarter

Get to know the quarter

Current public transport connections and services

Get to know the public transport

This area is located at the southern gateway to the city and offers a number of travel options. BudaPart is located close to the M1/M7 and M6 motorways in the transit corridor headed from the west and south towards the city.

In terms of public transport, the newest metro line (no. 4) is also in the catchment area of BudaPart. The area is connected to the Móricz Zsigmond körtér via ÚjBuda Center by bus number 33. Tram no. 1 provides several transfer options to different parts of the city and with its extension the Etele tér metro stop and the coach terminal is also easily accessible. Bus line no. 133 provides direct access to the city center (Ferenciek tere, 15 min) but you can travel al the way to Újpalota.

Public transport map

Current public transport

  • 5 minutes
    • 1 Etele út / Fehérvári út
    • 33 Móricz Zsigmond körtér (M4)
    • Vízitaxi belváros (M2, M3, M4)
  • 10 minutes
    • 1 Népliget (M3)
    • 103 Kelenföld (M4)
    • 153, 154B Újbuda-központ (M4)
    • MOL Bubi station
  • 20 minutes
    • 133E Ferenciek tere (M3)
    • 133E Astoria (M2)
    • BKK hajó belváros (M2, M3, M4)

Planned public transport

  • Interconnecting tram line
    • Szent Gellért tér (M4) - 8 minutes
    • City Center (M2, M3, M4) - 15 minutes
  • Modifications
    • 212 Újbuda-központ - 5 minutes,
      Népliget - 10 minutes
    • Svábhegy - 30 minutes,
      153, 154B Újbuda-központ - 5 minutes,
      Gazdagrét - 40 minutes
    • 1 Kelenföldi pályaudvar (M4) - 10 minutes
  • New line
    • 203 University complex - 5 minutes
    • Móricz Zsigmond körtér (M4) - 5 minutes
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Under construction
BudaPart Gate

BudaPart Gate

This office building is located in the immediate vicinity of MOL Campus, the 120 meters tall iconic building belonging to one of the biggest oil companies in Hungary. It will be handed over first among the BudaPart Offices. Thanks to its unique location, you can see the bay and the BudaPart square, which will be the gate of the new quarter.

Under construction
BudaPart City

BudaPart City

BudaPart provides the feeling of the urban, busy metropolis and the calmness of a quiet waterfront close to the nature all in one. The drift of the shopping street on Dombóvári út gives the pulsation to the business successes, whilst the large park in the core of the quarter and the water within an arm's length distance stands for the recreational opportunity. The next generation of workforce will find everything in such a workplace, where the possibility of the daily routine and recreation is given.



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