Perfect Location, Complex Development Strategy: The BudaPart Offices


BudaPart has started to take its shape in reaching the first milestones of its development. Recently, the first residential building, BudaPart Homes “A”, welcomed its owners, and in the coming few weeks, the second, BudaPart Homes “C”, will be also ready to do so. The first phase of the project includes two more residential buildings (BudaPart Homes “B” and BudaPart Homes “D”), but before that, BudaPart GATE, the first office building will be handed over in 2020 Q1.

The whole development of BudaPart will be carried out on 54 hectares: 11 hectares of water and 23 hectares of developmental area, of which 17 hectares can be built on, leaving almost half of BudaPart’s territory, 26 hectares, as green area, including the Kopaszi Dam and the Lágymányos Bay.

New Wave Office Solutions

As employers and employees come with high standards and have a defined view about the workplace environment they prefer, developing office buildings requires complex strategy and planning. While previous generational offices were usually designed to serve one specific approach and trend, featuring either more closed spaces or an open office set up, nowadays companies come with a very straightforward workplace strategy, asking for more agile solutions with a mixture of different services.

During the general development of the office buildings, Property Market focused on creating complex infrastructural functionalities. Therefore, all 13 office buildings at BudaPart will host a wide range of service providers. The ground floor is exclusively reserved for retail units including coffee shops, bakery and canteen areas contributing to the everyday life of the employees working at BudaPart. The total planned office space stretches up to 250,000 sqm and, by the end of the development, BudaPart could become the home and workplace of up to 25,000-30,000 citizens. Also, by the time BudaPart GATE will be handed over, the services located in the residential buildings shall start operations, including businesses with a recreational profile as well, granting the wellbeing of every employer and employee.

BudaPart GATE’s signature office architectural solutions were designed by Studio 100, a well renowned firm led by László Szász, János Dombóvári and Erzsébet Hajnády. The building of BudaPart GATE started in 2017, and it comes with LEED “Gold” certification. The building offers more than 20,000 sqm of lettable area and has 11 floors with an orientation to catch optimal natural light, and an additional four underground levels, including the basement with parking spaces. Currently, there is a lease contract is in place for 44% of BudaPart GATE; with further letters of intent signed, 73% of the area has already found future tenants.

Channel to the Heart of Budapest

While designing the already mentioned complex infrastructure of BudaPart, Property Market, the developer of the project, focused on improving the road network and public transportation possibilities of the area as well. The location of the buildings and the entrances to BudaPart were all carefully selected to efficiently channel into the existing traffic options, including the M1/M7 and M6 highways and other routes leading to the heart of Budapest.

As for public transportation, several new bus lines were introduced, combined with increased running frequency of existing routes. Since July 2019, Tram 1 terminates at Kelenföld railway station and delivers, on an average working day, approximately 153,000 passengers, which equals to the capacity of Hungarian metro. Currently, BudaPart is also easily accessible by BKK’s D11 and D12 boat services. With more infrastructural developments planned, the city center will be accessible directly within a little bit more than 10 minutes on fixed rails by the interconnecting Tram 2 without changing at Gellért tér.

High Standard Long-term Development

The development of BudaPart continues with high intensity, as the construction works of the next phase of the project have already started: residential building BudaPart Homes “E” offers 182 apartments and BudaPart CITY, the second office building (designed by Fazakas Architects) represents the same high quality standards as BudaPart GATE.

On the banks of the Danube, in the neighborhood of the Kopaszi Dam, BudaPart is the newest quarter of Budapest, and offers an outstanding quality of life, providing not only an unparalleled, close-to-nature work environment, but also recreational opportunities for residents and employees alike.